History about Pontiac watches

The PONTIAC watch brand was launched by Ali Kinsbergen in 1931. That year marked the start of a great adventure. At the time, quality watches were rare. Reliability, precision and aesthetics were reserved for an elite. The founders of PONTIAC had a simple idea: to make the very best in watchmaking accessible, offering irreproachable quality at an affordable price. From the outset, it was the essentials that mattered.

This new vision for watches sparked a real revolution and success came quickly. A watch of this kind needed a symbolic and timeless name. Inspiration came from Native American culture. PONTIAC was decided on, the name of a great Indian chief who, through his knowledge of nature, could tell the time by the stars. This reference represents the link between eternity and the universe.

In 1935, PONTIAC laid down a real challenge in robustness. Standing on top of the tallest building in Belgium, the « Boerentoren » in Antwerp, in the presence of dozens of journalists and judicial offi cers, Ali Kinsbergen threw a PONTIAC watch from the roof. When it was picked up after falling 100 meters, it was intact and still working. At the time, the event caused a sensation. It was a real success for the brand.

After the war, PONTIAC established itself as the watch of choice for sportsmen. For example, PONTIAC launched watch models of the « Red Devils » (Belgian national football team) and was present at the Tour de France (cycling).

In 2014, PONTIAC launched a new collection of Belgian-designed quality watches, complete with a Swiss movement and sapphire crystal. Manufactured with the utmost care, they bear details unique to the brand that offers classic, quality models. All PONTIAC watches are water resistant and come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty (unless otherwise specified).